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Argo Navis IT Answers the Market Need for Workplace Emotional Resilience Training

For Release February 8, 2008

Morristown, NJ - Argo Navis IT has launched a new training program filling the gap in most business continuity plans which is the emotional resiliency issue faced by employees at all levels.

At some time all organizations, private and public, are faced with turmoil and crises of various proportions. The lynchpin to successfully weathering these incidents can often be found in meeting the human needs of the affected staff. Not meeting these needs is a clear formula for eventual failure if not fast failure, depending on the incident and the population at hand, explained Argo Navis IT CEO, Denise Bridgens.

This course was originally a segment of the popular Emotional Resilience, Team Building & Leadership During Crises training offered by Argo Navis IT. Demand for this course has necessitated the development of this separate module which goes beyond the major crises most emergency preparedness plans are based on and includes handling the emotional rigors, difficulties and terrors that occur on a relatively frequent basis in the workplace. The goals are to strengthen the individual and teams, provide stabilizing tools when pressures become overwhelming, and optimize the likelihood the organization will successfully navigate the current situation.

“Interestingly, people are often better suited to handle the intense immediate issues of a major disaster and step up heroically. However, prolonged stress in any situation will break people down and this course is about recognizing and handling that stress in a healthy way”, further explained Argo CEO, Denise Bridgens.

Argo Navis IT provides a range of disaster preparedness services, disaster preparedness training, consulting and communications services.

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Argo Navis IT, a certified diversity supplier, offers a full spectrum of value added disaster preparedness services. Argo Navis IT has the following certifications: WBENC, SBA Women Owned, SBA Small Business.

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