Press Release

Argo Navis IT Offering Expanded International Teleconferencing Services

For Release July 6, 2004

Argo Navis IT has introduced an enhanced automated global teleconferencing solution which cost effectively provides international callers a local access number to originate international conference calls, while maintaining high voice quality

Morristown, NJ - Argo Navis IT has enhanced the current line of teleconferencing with a new international offering which provides greater flexibility at a highly attractive price point.

Previously, international teleconferencing involved the use of one of the following: International Toll Free, Operator Assisted Conferencing, or direct dial from a cell phone or home phone due to time zone changes and numerous participants being out of the office. All of these have certain negative characteristics: International Toll Free can only be used from a specific country, Operator assisted and direct dialed calls are expensive, and many international networks carry latency or delays resulting in people talking over each other.

The new teleconferencing service is a fully automated service with local access points around the globe. Being fully automated allows calls to be made without the use of an expensive operator; and local access points provide low cost local access to the bridging center. Local access points are available in EMEA (Europe Middle East Asia), Asia Pacific, and the US. EMEA customers commonly have a low cost long distance rate to London, Asia Pacific customers have equally attractive long distance rates to Singapore or Hong Kong, North and South America customers have great long distance rates to the US and Canada and US participants can dial toll free numbers.

About Argo Navis IT

Argo Navis IT, a certified diversity supplier, offers a full spectrum of value added communications and IT services, including disaster preparedness services. Argo Navis IT has the following certifications: WBENC, SBA Women Owned, SBA Small and Disadvantaged Business.

Argo Navis IT is a member of the Lockheed Martin Team and the Galaxy Scientific Team for the for the federal governmentís CECOM Rapid Response contract. This contract allow any federal agency to purchase Argo Navis ITís services on a low cost and rapid execution basis. Argo Navis IT is also a team member with Lockheed Martin and US Falcon on the US Army Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command (C-E LCMC) Strategic Services Sourcing Contract where Argo Navis IT provides a suite of robust, survivable crisis communications services and disaster preparedness training. For more information, visit