Press Release

Argo Navis IT Rolls Out Landmark Facilities Emergency Preparedness Training

For Release June 5, 2006

Morristown, NJ - Argo Navis IT has released a landmark course in comprehensive emergency preparedness for facilities and businesses which provide temporary public housing thus carrying significant risk for mass casualty during disasters. This course specifically covers the needs and risks shared by hotels, casinos, resorts, temporary public housing, emergency and homeless shelters.

Argo Navis IT CEO, Denise Bridgens, explained, “There are tremendous vulnerabilities and challenges all organizations which provide temporary public housing face in the midst of disasters. This course covers tactical emergency preparedness, crisis communications, the very different issues in team building in a public housing facility, leadership during a disaster and the actions needed to best protect and serve the public housed within the facility. Regardless of whether this is a resort property or a homeless shelter and all in between, there are a fair number of specific actions which need to learned to optimize public safety and organizational survivability during a crisis.”

This course is meeting the demand of a specific and vulnerable niche in the public housing, hospitality and entertainment sectors. These organizations share the responsibility for the safety and well being of a disproportionately large number of people compared to the number of management and non-management personnel who would be available to safeguard this population.

Argo Navis IT provides a range of disaster preparedness services, disaster preparedness training, consulting and communications services.

About Argo Navis IT

Argo Navis IT, a certified diversity supplier, offers a full spectrum of value added disaster preparedness services. Argo Navis IT has the following certifications: WBENC, SBA Women Owned, SBA Small and Disadvantaged Business.

Argo Navis IT is a member of the Lockheed Martin Team and the Galaxy Scientific Team for the for the federal government’s CECOM Rapid Response contract. This contract allow any federal agency to purchase Argo Navis IT’s services on a low cost and rapid execution basis. Argo Navis IT is also a team member with Lockheed Martin and US Falcon on the US Army Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command (C-E LCMC) Strategic Services Sourcing Contract where Argo Navis IT provides a suite of robust, survivable crisis communications services and disaster preparedness training. For more information, visit