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Product Overview

Argo Navis IT offers a suite of versatile conferencing services including automated, operator-assisted and event conferencing solutions, and Web collaboration tools. The chart below illustrates how each of our services fulfills different conferencing needs.

To learn more, please select a service or solution:

Service Solution Ideal For
Automated Conferencing Any user-directed on-demand (impromptu) or scheduled meeting.

Operator assisted Conferencing
PremiereCall Auditorium Large conferences with instant passcode access and operator assistance.

High-profile events with a dedicated support team.

Web Collaboration

A family of Web conferencing products designed for large high profile meetings or smaller adhoc meetings
Web conferencing for small to mid sized groups, supporting file sharing and the ability for real time changes to documents as the group collaborates.
ReadyCast Audio conferencing with Web tools for small interactive groups.
SoundCast Simulcasting a conference on the Web.


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